Summer Reading should be fun.

Every year the Boston Globe publishes its Summer Reading List, wtih recommendations for the best new books. 
There’s a list of Young Adult books I always want to check out. No, I’m not checking to see if they chose one of my own Yong Adult books; the Red Racecar, Dinosaur Racing or Motocross Summer. The Globe doesn’t go looking anywhere but with the major publishing houses. 
Still, I want to see what they do recommend, in genres, subjects and settings. I don’t expect any books set around cars, bikes or any motorsports, but maybe one set among skateboarders, or say, lacrosse players. Even a story of gamers might prove appealing to some kids. 
But, no. Among the ten books featured, there were three fantasy novels, two romances, two mysteries, two dealing with gender and sexuality, and one of historical-political fiction. And not one book I would have picked up as a kid.  
Not that I lacked books to read.  I got books about racing and other sports – and right at school, through the Scholastic and the Weekly Reader Book Club and even right out of the school-library. These days kids associate reading with work, or learning, or responsibility. I read for fun. 
More kids need that chance.

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