HENRY HITS THE BALL:  Currently "seeking representation."

Henry Brademeier can hit a baseball better than anyone in the game, maybe better than anybody who's ever played. Yet he can't tie his own shoes.

When a major-league scout discovers Henry, it begins a grand adventure for the young slugger. It's also an adventure for his coaches and teammates, although theirs is less than grand.  

Can Henry's coaches teach him enough about the game so he can actually play in one? And will his teammates accept this unlikely athlete who seems unaware of how hard they struggle to do what comes so easily to him?

And does Henry ever not  hit the ball?



AIDAN'S JOURNAL: A work in progress.

Aidan Fears suffers a serious head injury in a high school football game. Among other limitations resulting from his injury, it has left him unable to communicate verbally.

His speech therapist, aware that Aidan still can form thoughts and communicate in written form, encourages Aidan to start a journal of his recovery. In it Aidan documents not only his progress in therapy and in class, but his perspective on the people and programs offered to help him recover from his injury - how much of a recovery, no one can say.


TURN RIGHT TO GO LEFT:  Published soon

This is the latest RED RACECAR SPEEDREADER, written for kids not quite ready for the middle-grade novels that make up the rest of the series but still wanting a racetrack-adventure.

Tyler Means is a road racer. At least that’s what he thinks. Not for him those long races on giant circle-tracks where the drivers roll around and around in circles for hours on end. When he finally puts together his own racing kart, he doesn’t even consider racing anywhere but the two road courses near his home. Then he gets a chance to race at a dirt-oval racetrack he didn’t even know existed, and he finds out he shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss ALL oval-track racing as boring. In fact, he finds excitement on a dirt track he never even imagined. Besides, he’s pretty fast!