My adult -- er -- literary -- er -- mainstream -- er -- I don't know what to call it -- novel, HENRY HITS THE BALL, is in the final stages of production.

I've tried to hook up with an agent, but that's a longshot, I know. I wanted to play the author game that "old-fashioned" way, but I'd rather have people reading the book. So, I plan to introduce Henry at a book-release party at Stillwater Books in Pawtucket -- around opening day for Major-League Baseball.

Baseball fans in Pawtucket are in mourning after ownership of the Pawtucket Red Sox made a deal to move to Worcester, Mass. I guess the money was better. Isn't that all that matters in America today? It wasn't to the late Ben Mondor, who saved the team for Pawtucket -- and not because he got a great deal from the city, certainly nothing close to what the city offered the current owners. Not that they had any attachment to Pawtucket, certainly none not represented by dollar-signs.

Stay posted here or on the Stillwater Book site for details about the party. Expect a baseball theme. D'uh!.

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