On Line

So I started submitting columns to RaceChaserOnline this year. It's turned out to be a dubious experience. I thought I understood when my columns were scheduled to be posted and wrote with those dates in mind. You'd think that would be important on a website, even more than it ever was on any analog form of media. Yet I swear my column never was published when I expected it to be. That was made even more problematic as the editor wouldn't even acknowledge when he received a piece.

Still, what did get published seemed well-received, with positive comments coming from all over.

And then I submitted a column the first week of June - that still hasn't been posted. But by this point I 'm just tired of chasing people to confirm when I'll be published. Besides, after a story is written, knowing when it will be posted isn't of much use to a writer.

I used to think that one of the advantages of getting news on the web would be the timeliness of what you'd read. Yet, I find I can trust the old analog forms of media to be more accurate, current and up to date than the internet. Shouldn't that be a goal, or does no one care? That seems to be the attitude about many things digital. And I won't even mention the concept of "truth."

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