That's what my books are at Stillwater Books in downtown Pawtucket, RI.

Stillwater is a new independent bookstore that recently opened in hailing distance of two of Rhode Island's most important historical landmarks, Slater Mill and the Blackstone River.

Stillwater Books was established by Steve and Dawn Porter, the force behind the Association of Rhode Island Authors. It's an outgrowth of their publishing business but even moreso of ARIA, which continues to discover and foster local writers of every genre.

It's also a bold move to establish a business in what used to be a thriving downtown-area but now struggles to regain relevance, even as the carpet-bagging Pawtucket WOO Sox make their escape.

Which says, go check 'em out. At least you won't be accosted by a display of the latest famous person who puts James Patterson's name on a book and makes it a bestselling work of mediocrity.

Unless that's what you want.

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