Been busy; that's my excuse

Well - I have been.

I've just completed editing the new novel by my friend, Walt Scadden, the former blacksmith, racecar builder -- and Marine-veteran -- I first met when I was invited to drive his pavement midget for a story in the old Trackside Magazine (see Almost Fast  in the Stuff to Read" at Have You Seen My Brother? features the story of two brothers after World War I (you remember, "The War to End All Wars?") and the problems returning veterans of that war faced as they ran head on into the depression and an unappreciating government.

Even before reading Walt's novel and learning more about the Bonus Army, the vets who marched on Washiington, campaigning to receive promised benefit-checks to help them survive the desperate times, I was less than impressed with how we treat vets in general. But I'm flabbergasted by the heroes we choose to honor, men such as the hero-worshipped General Douglas MacArthur. He was less than heroic on many occasions, but he was never worse than when he attacked fellow war-veterans who were camped out across from the White House. Families were camping there. Children died. I just learned that MacArthur disobeyed direct orders from President Hoover. And  got away with it.

I recall that travesty whenever I hear about "honoring" our veterans. Many need way more than a thank you for their service. But conservative members of Congress, people who usually are the first to fly the flag of patriotism, vote down measures to provide real assistance to those returning from fighting for our country.

Can you say "hypocrite?"

I've continued working on Aiden's Journal, my novel about a teenage survivor of a brain injury sustained on a football field. I also plan to enter Henry Hits the Ball, about a savant who can hit a baseball better than anyone ever has,  in the Back Moose Competition for unpublished novels. So there's plenty of work to do.

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