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It's about time I ran through all of my projects and summarized what's happening with each:

THE RED RACECAR, DINOSAUR RACING, MOTOCROSS SUMMER: My three books for boys remain for sale through or you can order them through Amazon or Barnes & Noble. The boys who are reading them are not big readers, but getting the inside scoop on racing cars or bikes has proven a strong incentive, at least versus the junk the kids are made to read in school. As one kid said to me "NO MORE ROMANCE!"

HENRY HITS THE BALL: My "literary" novel about a savant who appears to be almost supernatural hitting a baseball - and the adventure that inspires for him and everyone who encounters him - still "seeks representation." I haven't really chalked up an impressive list of rejections yet, but I'm working on it. What an attitude to have - eh? But I still think someone will like it.

AIDEN'S JOURNAL: In the interest of exploring the issue of head injuries in sports on a more mainstream level, Aiden, our hero, now is in rehab from a head injury incurred playing football in high school rather than racing a motorcycle. His journal relates the story of his rehabilitation and reveals the conflicts and challenges typical of coming back from such an injury a different person from the person who got injured.

I also recently published GOODBYE AND OTHER STORIES, my first collection of short stories. It's available on this site or through Amazon or Barnes & Noble. The collection includes WHATEVER YOU CAN PAY, the story recently recognized by Writers' Digest in its annual competition.

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