Still Alive?

You'd think that two-years of isolation would be welcome by writers, those legendary recluses who slave away at their keyboards even while the world falls apart around them. I've never been able to be THAT reclusive. All the nonsense of the last two years messed with me as much as anyone. Now, though, as we move back toward something we dare to call normal, I'm back on a regular schedule. 

Helping, too, are the book shows and signings that are happening again, as well as my writers' critique group, which provides motivation as well. Still, the key to progress for me is when I'm thinking about my story even when I'm not writing it. That's when the best scenes come to mind, or even noteworthy lines from characters. 

So right now, I'm working on a sequel to Motocross Summer; No Teammates in Motocross. And I'm getting out to promote and discuss my Red Racecar books as well as Henry Hits the Ball.

Maybe I'll see you around.

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