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(JUNE 1, 2020) On Thursday May 28th, IndieReader, one of the original review-services for self, hybrid and independently published authors, announced the winners of their IR Discovery Awards (IRDAs) for 2020. HENRY HITS THE BALL by Thom Ring won in the Action/Adventure category. 

HENRY HITS THE BALL tells the story of Henry Brademeier, who can hit a baseball  better than anyone who's ever played the game. He just can't play baseball.  For that matter, he can't tie his own shoes. When a big-league scout discovers Henry taking cuts with the local high school team, he initiates a great adventure for the intellectually-challenged young man, who's never even been away from home. 

The book received the following verdict by IndieReader's reviewers. "Henry Brademeier has a talent - and a disability...but he bedazzles all with his slugger-prowess and charms most with his unassuming presence. What he decides at the end of HENRY HITS THE BALL will continue to enchant readers as they learn more about autism, baseball, and what really matters." 

"It's great to get the recognition, and I'm honored," said Ring. "I do hope Henry can open the eyes of some people to potential that's not always obvious." 

Sponsors for the IRDAs have included publishers, including the Penguin Group and Simon & Schuster, agents ICM and Dystel, and a number of publicists. 

HENRY HITS THE BALL is available through most local bookstores, Amazon, or at thomring.com.



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