So, I'm figuring I've completed about a year marketing my young-adult "THE RED RACECAR" series of books targeted at reluctant readers - male or otherwise. I also figured out the proper way to :"blog."

I started this project after years of negativity from boys who seemed to think that reading is for girls and dweebs. I wanted to provide something a kid who's turned off by fantasy-worlds filled with undead vampires who hunt each other for food or fun and princesses who sing, dance and otherwise avoid the real battles kids face every day.

After a year, I've developed a strategy for reaching these kids and breaking through that reluctance. Here's what I learned:

1. Get their attention. My display features models of the machines featured in each book. That's two racecars and a dirt bike. Even kids allergic to books will risk their health by checking the models out. I also have bright red T-shirts for sale. Even if they don't exactly sell like hotcakes, they command attention (A photo of my display in the photos page).
2. Recognize who wants a kid to read. That means the kid who is accompanied by an adult who values reading and recognizes the kid should be doing more of it.
3. Be prepared to talk about reading levels, possible "adult" themes and language used with the adults, but be ready to talk about racing with the kids.

With that combination; a kid who shows interest, an adult who wants the kid to read, and red, red, red (T-shirts, tablecloth, my outfit, even the pen with which I sign the books) I can get these books under the noses of kids - who have been reading them. Obviously, that's not "THE RED RACECAR" website or Amazon. Evidently it also is not libraries or bookstores. I think many young boys would rather go to the dentist than to a place full of books.

The shows are the place, particularly car shows; swap-meets, races, racers' conventions and the like. Then the kids are there for the cars and my books sneak up on them.

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