Is it Spring yet?

If you read my last post, you know I plan to scale back on signing books at street-rod shows. So today I announce that my first show of the year will be the Ty-Rods annual spring street-rod swap meet at Stafford, CT, Motor Speedway Sunday, April 9.
Hey, I did say I'd go to shows where I had other compelling reasons to attend. Well, I get to hang out for the day with Walt Scadden, my frequent partner in crime at such events. That always makes for an interesting day. Plus this always is an interesting show that attracts some pretty interesting people.. Even the carts folks are tugging behind them are more interesting than the cars at some shows, as I've written about here before. And I always enjoy people-watching. So, if you go, look for us down the end of grandstands on the pit side of the fence, and say hi.
In the meantime, I'm busier than ever. I've had to revisit my story, "Henry Hits the Ball," as an important episode in the story involves an intentional walk. If you follow the sport, you are aware that the honchos of baseball can't leave well enough alone and have changed the rules on intentional walks. To Henry's detriment.
I'm also contributing a bi-weekly column about motor racing to and have returned to Late Model Racer magazine as a senior editor.  This all is in support of my Red Racecar series of novels for young readers.Not that I won't still attend events where I can sell and sign these books. You know, like street-rod shows.

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