I'm thinking about where I'm going this year. What I mean is how I will campaign my RED RACECAR books to get them into the hands of potential readers.

The first thing I've decided is I'm cutting back on street-rod shows.  I've talked about all this before, but they don't seem to attract racing fans or even kids interested in cars that do more than sit on a lawn somewhere for the afternoon. Or any kids at all in some cases. If I do any rod meets, it will be because something else connects me to the crowd, or the investment in participating is negligible. One exception will be next year's Swap & Sell at the Big E in Springfield, MA, in January. Great crowd, lots of interest, and stuff for sale that captures the attention of any gearhead, young or old.

Libraries and bookstores also have been wastes of resources. Kids into cars don't walk into bookstores.

On the other hand, more racetracks will be on the agenda now. The kids who read my books -- who enjoy my books -- generally stay as far from books as they can get. Yet they yearn to get closer to racing.

Get it?

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