I'll be part of Write on Sports

I met Steve Krasner at the Rhode Island Author's Expo last December, when he was set up signing his books next to my table. I remembered Steve from his years - decades, really - covering the Boston Red Sox for my hometown newspaper, the Providence journal.
These days Steve devotes his time to getting kids to read more and want to write as well. I don't mean handwriting (truly a lost art, anyway) but putting an idea down "on paper" and being able to present that idea logically, accurately and in a way that provokes interest, thought and understanding in others.
One such program is the Write on Sports program. It was created in New Jersey, but Steve has established Write on Sports summer camps here in Rhode Island. Middle-school students spend a couple of weeks exploring how to develop ideas that relate in some way to a favorite sport or athletic activity into a well-researched-and-written piece.
I'll be joining the camp taking place at Bryant College in mid-July. I'll help direct a team a students through the process of developing their own stories. It's a perfect fit to my own mission of providing reading for kids they actually might want to read if they're into motor racing, even if they think reading is boring.

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  • Thom
    Excuse me. That's Bryant; University!

    Excuse me. That's Bryant; University!

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