I Am Waiting...

Y'up, waiting for my latest novel, TURN RIGHT TO GO LEFT, to be released.

TURN RIGHT TO GO LEFT is the latest entry in my SPEED READER series for younger readers. It continues the story of young karter Tyler Means, as he learns how to win and expands his racetrack-horizons.

Readers like Tyler, and they want to see him advance in the sport of racing. His latest adventures center around a local dirttrack and what going fast on dirt teaches him about winning on any track.

For those who wonder, I've found dealing with Kindle more difficult than Createspace ever was. I would guess the move to push writers from one to the other mostly has to do with the ongoing effort on Amazon's part to remove the need for humans from the process - from any process, actually.

I'm glad I can get these books to press (see my comments on the main page; Getting Boys to LIKE Reading), but I suspect that if Amazon could eliminate writers from the process, they'd (they'll?) do it in a heartbeat.


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